Miss Candyfloss was established in 2009. It is a brand that evolved from the admiration towards the 1940’s and 1950’s fashion and feminine looks, designed to fit the 21st century’s modern woman. 

Miss Candyfloss strives to develop exquisite classic feminine garments that are not mass produced. By incorporating care, thought and empathy in every stage of product development we are determined to create unique garments that distinguish us from the rest. 
Miss Candyfloss’s goal is to be the brand that supplies women unique and wearable apparel products that takes them back to the golden era of the glamorous dames and ravishing pin-up styled ladies. Our long-term objectives are to deliver garments that can be worn by mothers and later handed down to daughters. 
We are determined to inspire customer loyalty by delivering garments that look timeless yet have a long lifetime wearability. Modern fabric characteristics such as wrinkle resistance, soft hand, launderability, durability and wicking are important aspects for current lifestyles. We seek to incorporate those characteristics in our classic products. 
Ethical standards are key factors for us as we are determined to contribute to a sustainable apparel environment by carefully allocating manufacturing facilities that have adapted fair working conditions in their business strategy. Our products are crafted to last for generations, so shall our work ethics resemble. All Miss Candyfloss products are manufactured in Europe, Transylvania and are made with honest concern and care. 
We currently supply a network of retail boutiques & wholesale channels worldwide.

Postal address:

Miss Candyfloss / Varadi & co
Ängsövägen 4
21874 Tygelsjö
VAT No: SE556940654801
Customer service:  customer-service@miss-candyfloss.com
Wholesale email:  wholesale@miss-candyfloss.com
Influenser email: influencer@miss-candyfloss.com