Miss Candyfloss nitty-gritty details regarding your privacy and the measures we take to protect those. Please read the following necessary information carefully.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European regulation that prescribes EU standards in regard to your personal data and means in which companies can collect, store and utilize your personal data. Personal data means any data or information that relates to an individual who is or can be identified from that data.

GDRP requirements and how we meet these stipulations:

Lawfulness, Fairness and Transparency: All personal data is processed in a lawful manner. We ensure that no information other than the necessary is collected on our site. While many sites might track your eating and sleeping and internet browsing habits we do not focus on that. Our main goal is to sell you a great product that we designed. The information following is our way of being transparent in how we collect and process your data so keep reading, this is all very import for you.


Purpose limitation:  We process personal data you actively share with us when placing an order. Personal data such as first and last name, address, date of birth, title, gender, email address, phone number and your login/account name. This is very basic information we need to fulfil your order. This step is necessary when placing an order as it in return constitutes a sales contract between the seller (us) and buyer (you). However, the password to your account is private and such information is not accessible to us. All your personal data is accessible in your account and can be changed/updated so please do not forget your valuable password. If you subscribe to our newsletter, we kindly ask for your name should we send you a personalised newsletter. To make our advertisement as relevant to you as possible, third parties might collect your personal data when visiting our site by using cookies. 


Data minimisation and accuracy: GDRP requires all businesses to obtain only necessary data to fulfil our purpose. As stated above, we only gather the necessary information to fulfil our purpose; selling our amazing and unique designs and shipping you orders as fast and secure as possible to the correct address. You can at any date and time close your account and unsubscribe from our newsletter should you feel that your personal data is at risk. When creating an account with us, we kindly ask you to ensure that all information provided is accurate or else we might not be able to fulfil our purpose. Should you decide to move, or change name etc, please make sure that you update your information. We are of course very happy to help you out if you experience technical issues and cannot update your account on your own.


Storage limitation: Your personal data is stored for the length of time as you remain our customer. When you no longer wish to remain our customer, your account information can be removed by simply sending us an email with the request of account removal. Please use the following email for this process: and title the email “account removal”. Other personal data, eg copy of the order and invoice/receipt, will be stored for a period of time that is in accordance with obligations imposed by other laws and regulations.


Integrity and confidentiality: Miss Candyfloss takes the protection and proper use of your personal information seriously. We respect your privacy and take great care to safeguard information in our possession. At no time will Miss Candyfloss sell any customer information we receive about you without your consent. External processors, eg logistics company that delivers your parcel, is limited to receiving only the necessary information to fulfil our and their purpose.

Miss Candyfloss uses SSL technology for mutual authentication, data encryption and data integrity, to ensure secure transactions for our customers. SSL is the industry standard security protocol to encode sensitive information, such as your credit card number. SSL creates a shared digital key, which only lets the sender and the receiver of the transmission scramble or unscramble information. In addition, all ladies and gents working at Miss Candyfloss are bound by confidentiality agreement to ensure that all data remains confidential at all times.


Data portability: It is your right to receive the personal data we have collected from you should you feel that your data is incorrect, out-of-date or incorrectly stored. We are very happy to send you a copy of the personal information you have freely submitted to us and/or the personal data we have collected from you when visiting our site. Please send us an email at Please title the email “copy of personal data”. All requests will be processed within one month after receipt.


We hope that we could convey the GDRP requirements and our way of handling business / your privacy protection in an understandable and clear manner. If this is not clear enough, please send us an email. We are very happy to answer any and all questions relating to your privacy.

Please do not forget to check back anytime soon since our privacy policy might change.

Thank you for your time.