Would YOU like to carry Miss Candyfloss in your store? Then you have come to the right place and oh boy are we happy to see you! We are absolutely delighted and would like to invite you to our Wholesale section.

Please click on the button and choose Wholesale when creating your account.

It’s as simple as that, one simple click. But, before you do sign up for an account please keep in mind the following information:


You have to show proof of business, in some manner. The following information is acceptable as proof of business: VAT number (recommended), link to your online store , images of your physical store or social media accounts .

If you are a newly registered business and have none of the above mentioned information, send us an email and tell us the status of your store. We support startups and can work with you in order for you to have access to the wholesale section.

We check all applications to ensure that you have a valid business. You will receive an email once we have processed the application and verified your business. Miss Candyfloss reserves the right to deny you access should we feel that the business you are operating is not in line with our products.


Prices exclude VAT. All prices in the wholesale section exclude VAT. No VAT will be added if you have a VAT number and operate a store within the EU. Businesses abroad do not pay VAT as it is considered an export. We do however ask you to provide us with a business registration number or a seller permit to verify that you have a business.

Some countries do not require VAT registration, for example the UK, but unfortunately VAT is not waived in cases such as these. We are very sorry to inform you that we will be adding the Swedish VAT, which is 25%, to your invoice. The good news is that you can collect the VAT in your country at your local tax office. It’s a bit more paper work but hey, at least you get the money back.

We reserve the right to change the prices if the VAT should change.


Minimums . We kindly ask all wholesale customers to order 4 pieces / style and color for items that are pre-order . You choose the sizes yourself; ranging from XS-5XL. The pre-order items are not in stock. These will be produce based on your order. Delivery time varies depending on the season. Please contact us to get an estimate for when your order will be ready.

Our minimum order taken from stock is 500€ per order excluding shipping fee. When purchasing stock items you are free to choose whatever items and sizes you prefer, as long as the total amount sums up to €500.

We make a reservation against wrong pricing or price changes. If any of these problems should occur we will notify you by e-mail. 

Payment. We offer bank transfer and card payment for wholesale orders. Once you place the order we review it, pack it and create an invoice for you of the items that we can ship. Upon receipt of the invoice you will be asked how you wish to pay; bank transfer or card payment.

As soon as the items are packed we will check the shipping companies for the best price possible to send your package. In Europe this used to be UPS or TNT and to all other countries FedEx but this  depends on the current rate. You will find the company's name and the shipping cost on your adjusted invoice. As soon as the invoice is paid and we receive the confirmation from our bank that the transaction is finished, we will send out your package.

If the parcel is damaged upon receipt, damage that has occurred during the shipping then we kindly ask you to file a complain with the shipping company before collecting the parcel. In that case we may avoid any misunderstanding. If you by any chance have received something else then what you have ordered or the garment should be damaged in any way, we kindly ask you to contact us immediately.

If you notice any manufacturing or fabric fault on the item you ordered, just let us know and we will find the best solution to solve the problem by returning the item for an exchange or for a refund.

We kindly ask all buyers to follow the recommended retail price that are stated on your invoice. We need to ask you also to don't make any sales in the middle of the season for the new items or if you have any special event for which you would like to give discounts, please contact us before on  wholesale@miss-candyfloss.com

All pictures dowloaded from Miss-candyfloss.com are a Miss Candyfloss property. Therefore no alteration nor retouching are allowed on them.

Would alteration such as further retouching, changing of colors made on the pictures, lead to suspension of using Miss Candyfloss photos on the wholesaler website or any other massmedia.

The list is long but hey, you made it. You read through the basic information, now let us show you our wholesale selection. Sign up for your personal account today and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question!

You can always reach us at: wholesale@miss-candyfloss.com