Amour Fou| Fall & Winter 2018-2019 inspiration

“A dress is a piece of ephemeral architecture, designed to enhance the proportions of the female body.”
-Christian Dior

We challenged ourselves by taking on the greatest task possible, creating a collection inpired by the one and only Christian Dior. The man who not only designed exquisite styles but also revamped fashion into being what it is today. Say hello to our new collection that’s influenced by Dior’s revolutionizing New Look debuted in 1947.       

Dior, the outstanding designer who we greatly admire, has left an amazing indelible mark on fashion history. He was a true artist always looking beyond the traditional way of designing women’s clothing. 
Dior created art with every piece that his hands touched and introduced new lines like the A, H, Y and Tulip. However, not all were enthusiastic about his new designs when they launched. Feminists protested heavily as they felt Dior created regressive 
fashion. Coco Chanel stated that Dior upholstered women rather than dressed them. Sociologists and historians couldn’t agree more; the revolutionizing styles were perhaps not all that revolutionizing. Yet, Christian Dior became one of the most famous designers in history. His  timeless and classy sense of style still lives on.

After some research and heavy debating we decided that Amour Fou would entail the ideas Christian Dior envisioned for  the New Look (but of course with a touch of Miss C). Romantic, feminine, extravagant and deliberately glamorous, fabric-heavy hourglass shape, nipped waist, full skirts and seductive elegance. 
All in all, great emphasis on the bust, waist and hip. Slim looks that focus on the waist. Let us not downplay curves ladies, let’s emphasize them and love them.

Amour Fou is the most challenging collection we have ever designed. A task that felt impossible at the beginning but also something that evolved naturally the more we worked with it. As Audrey Hepburn once said, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”. With this said, we welcome you to take part in our Amour Fou adventure depicted in a metropolitan city with a hint of Parisian flavour. We hope that you feel the amour fou, insane love, we felt when we started our design process. 
Similar to the emotions women felt when the New Look was launched.