Dear Marilyn| Our Fall & Winter 2019-2020 inspiration

“I never wanted to be Marilyn   - it just happened. Marilyn’s like a veil I wear over Norma Jeane”
-Marilyn Monroe

Born Norma Jeane, admired and remembered as  Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn was, and is, an iconic star of Hollywood glamour and fashion. An epitome of sensual beauty with her breathy soft voice, femininity and hourglass figure. Her features, such as sex appeal balanced with class, career focus paired with vulnerability, kindness fused with humor, enticed us to create a collection dedicated to her.

After careful consideration and much respect toward this amazing woman, who’s style and grace is still admired, our designs came to life and we can finally present our latest collection:            Dear Marilyn.  

May we present a lookbook divided into 3 stories. Part one is set to take place behind-the-scenes on movie sets. We imagined Marilyn, Jane Russell and Veronica Lake having a ball between shoots.  When rivaling women become friends and supportive of each other. When tartan is fused with classy cuts, feminine style details are blended with modern features.

The second story takes place in a studio located in Hollywood. We intended to recreate old Hollywood glamour style portrait photos with powerful contrasts and poses. Where glam and bombshell outfits meet power poses. Created for a life in the fast lane, whence everyday outfits transform info cocktail styles and designs get blended with signature Miss Candyfloss details and Marilyn elements.

Last but not least, is our Norma Jeane story. Casual outfits incorporating cigarette pants, and dolman sleeves. Comfy classy stylish looks all inspired by Norma Jeanes  relaxed  private photos. Outfits suited for simpler days when you wish to add some retro vibes and elegance yet keep the  unpretentious look.