Fairytales| Our Spring-Summer 2019 inspiration

“That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up”
-Walter Elias Disney

Storytelling and fairytale princesses made our childhood magical. The stories they told, the dresses princesses wore and the fantasies    they created.  Never did we imagine launching a collection based on our favorite childhood characters.       

We took upon this theme with tons of questions (and worry). How would our customers react? Would they even wear fairytale inspired dresses? Would we scare off loyal customers by taking on a theme that might not appeal to tons of women? This was a theme we needed to break down and make it into our own. Work it, own it and retell it.

So, with this said we transformed Snow white,  Belle,  Cinderella and Aurora into modern mortal women with a love for retro fashion. Yes they are queens (as all women are), yes they do hold a job, can stand their ground, no they don’t need to be rescued and they have a retro wardrobe. 

Aurora, our playful and adorable fairy. She is down to earth  and prefers to wear subtle designs set in a natural environment. Snow white, an  enchanting woman who is always on the go and therefor needs a captivating, classy and a bit sexy wardrobe. Cinderella did make it to the ball without the help of a fairy godmother. There is no stopping to her! A strong woman who stands her ground and has a modest yet dazzling taste in fashion. Belle, our light in the dark and haunted castle. She brings joy with her playful and functional dresses and oh boy does she know how to charm everyone when entering a room. 

The Sunday Funday collection is dedicated to a fun day at an amusement park. Inspired by roller coaster rides, ice cream, cotton candy, fun and laughter. A collection consisting of functional day dresses that are  versatile and perfect for any occasion, something Miss Candyfloss has come to stand for.

By incorporating princess elements and details, in addition to playing around with a fun color pallet, we are happy to introduce a collection that can be both fairytale inspired but also true to Miss C when taken out of context. Tell your own fairytale by pairing your favorite styles in your own special way. Work it, own it and re-tell it.