Femme Fatale | Our Fall & Winter 2017-2018 inspiration

I know my value. Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter..
-Peggy Carter

Femme Fatale, a term we have become so intrigued by thanks to good old noir movies. How fascinating is the old fashioned deadly woman archetype? Sexy, independent, seductive, irresistible, manipulative, powerful, intelligent, gorgeous and double-crossing.
Strong fictional women, portrayed with outmost perfection, who keep noir men under pressure in classic movies leading them to their downfall. Is it possible at all to not love these movies and characters?  

Our fascination for the Hollywood femme fatale actresses led us to our very own Femme Fatale collection. A collection dedicated to deadly women. An interpretation that evolved from a mix of noir actresses, secret agents and real-life World War heroines, Special 
Operations Executive spies trained to handle guns, explosives, and to endure violent interrogations. Our inspiration consisted of
Gilda Mundson Farrell played by Rita Hayworth in the movie Gilda, (1946). Kathie Moffat played by Jane Greer in Out of the Past, (1947). ‘Dusty’ Chandler played by Lizabeth Scott in Dead Reckoning (1947). Scientist and actress Hedy Lamarr, WWII agents Virginia Hall, Nancy Wake, Violette Szabo and finally our favorite Peggy Carter only to mention a few. 

After long deliberation, the collection ended up reflecting a more badass Miss Candyfloss. A stronger, tough-sweet, classic, 
independent, business appropriate collection crafted to empower women with sensual, classy yet strong looks. 

The outcome is female Sherlock Holmes inspired outfits, Peggy Carter office appropriate attires and deadly cat-like energized dark sensual styles with leopard details.

We pushed beyond our limits to bring you something new, a different Miss Candyfloss. Embark with us on this new Miss Candyfloss path.