For the Love of Tacos- Our 2016 Spring-Summer inspiration

for the love of tacos... 

The collection that developed from our love for Mexico. An exciting mix of 
vibrant colors borrowed from the exotic Mexican culture blended with pastels from the oh so beautiful beaches in 

Mexico, the ever so beautiful Mexico. The destination that attracted working tourists on holiday in the 1940’s. 
The country that became the luxury vacation destination for foreign travelers. Tourists consisted of old wealthy travelers, the “Hawaii shirt” tourist, and teachers and students whom wanted to combine pleasure with education. Mexico’s charms attracted an increasing numbers of tourists; from 139,000 tourists in 1940 to 305,500 by 1949. Who could say no to fresh gardenias floating on the swimming pool every morning at the Antonia Ruiz Galindo’s new hotel in Veracruz and the 
emergence of cosmopolitan nightlife in Mexico City. The beautiful urban and rural architecture, the warm weather, ancient civilization and indigenous cultures, the breathtak beaches… the list is of reasons why so many chose Mexico is long. With this list in mind, Miss Candyfloss spring summer collection evolved. 

The “Oh...for the love of tacos…” collection features warm vibrant colors blended with pretty pastels.
 It is a mix of daywear, beachwear and evening wear. With passion in our heart, Miss Candyfloss collection boasts an eclectic mix of palazzo pants, palazzo jumpsuits, ruffles, swing skirts, floaty fabrics, lace, cotton and pompoms. Add a pinch of sunset colors, a hint of pompoms, a dash of lace, a bit of retro inspiration mixed with a good amount of modern style and taaddaaaa, the collection is born. 
Why did we choose to name it “Oh…for the love of tacos...”? 
Because we simply cannot get enough of yummy tacos. 

Viva la Mexico!