Housewife| Our 2017 Spring-Summer inspiration

I don’t like the terms housewife or homemaker. I prefer to be called Domestic Goddess..
-Rosanne Barr

My goodness, we absolutely love the stereotypical 1950’s housewife we so often see in 50’s advertisement. A fictional character advertising agencies created. The Hollywood housewife; the perfect lady with perfect looks who has her shit together at all times. Perfect nails, perfect hair, perfect house and picture perfect marriage. 

Now ladies, we all know that reality looks quite the opposite in this oh so stressful fast paced world we live in. Much is expected of women nowadays but, let us just for a second play with the thought. Let us imagine a Miss Candyfloss housewife where we set the boundaries (meaning there are none). How would we envision her? That’s exactly what we did this season. 

The result can finally be presented in the Housewife collection. Our fantasy of a Miss Candyfloss housewife entailed a preppy and not so desperate housewife who definitely has her shit together. Career? You bet! Perfect family? Oh of course! 
Perfect hair and nails, well duuuh what kind of question is that? A functional, romantic, sassy, classy, preppy, stylish, sexy and cute wardrobe? Absolutely!!

You are invited to take part of this vision, our fictional character. May we present you a collection that consists of cute swing dresses, preppy shirtdresses, heart shaped necklines, sexy denim stretch pencil skirts, cross-back dresses and palazzo 
jumpsuits in lovely stretch materials, luxurious lace and 
embroidered materials. We envisioned a wardrobe that will make you feel fabulous on days that seem overwhelming. 

We at Miss Candyfloss hope that you enjoy the collection as much as we enjoyed designing it.