In High Heels -- AW20-21 Collection

“You meet a girl. Maybe she’s pretty, maybe she’s smart, maybe she’s funny. Maybe your parents like her. Maybe you get really lucky, and she’s one or two of those things. I got ’em all. That’s a lot.”

This fall Miss Candyfloss turns to ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ for inspiration. This TV-show stole our hearts not only with its relatable narrative, but with the fact, that the story itself is in part told through fashion. Protagonist Midge Maisel is a smart and quick-witted woman, who also happens to express her attitude to life through her clothes. 

We stayed off downright copying the shows outfits and instead took our inspirations in Midges dressing concept. Midge has a uniform for every sort of activity, which is smart, because the right uniform helps one to get into the right mindset. Her wardrobe is a symphony of perfect housewife day dresses, quirky beatnik evening wear, bow dresses for work, and immaculate little black dresses for stage performances. And our collection has it all: elegant Upper East Side housewife ensembles, warm and comfortable work dresses, off duty knit sweaters, swing skirts and cigarette trousers. And, of course, the ultimate black dress.

A big part of admiration for Midges wardrobe comes from her gorgeous outerwear. Remember the “We got the rabbi!” pink coat? We present you with our version of it, as well as with an array of other winter coats all to keep you warm and elegant. 

We also could not resist the show’s bold 50ies unusual color combinations. Not colors, that exist with purpose of gathering attention, but for expression of one’s happiness and optimism. Our collection includes kelly green, royal blue, bright teal, burgundy and mustard yellow.  We hope that the cheery bold colors will carry us through these darker winter months with Mrs. Maisel’s optimist attitude.

This is a collection with an accent on the emotional aspect of clothing. It is one of our largest collections yet and it is ready to take you everywhere. We would love to live in Midges closet. 
Wouldn’t you?