Jet Revolution | Our Fall & Winter 2015-2016 inspiration

The Jet Revolution – Golden Age of Flying
In the 1950s flying was something different. It was something extravagant and marvelous, over-the-top luxurious experience. Going on vacation was not the highlight of the day, rather it was the air travel itself. Flight tickets could cost 5% of a passenger’s yearly salary. The flying experience was fine-tuned by the world’s best designers. Men and women dressed in their finest clothes to look elegant and lined up for photos before boarding. Imagine a time where all passengers felt like movie stars going on vacation. Comfortable clothing was not a priority; design and looks were the essence of the travel. A colorful and lavish design era that is very dear to us for the Autumn/Winter 1516 collection.

Miss Candyfloss Jet Revolution collection brings you the marvelous air travel influence transformed to fit modern women. All items were designed with great detail to incorporate comfort, design and extravagant looks. Tailored jumpsuits, stunning dresses, exquisite pants with pleats, and ravishing skirts with bows. Take this journey with us, with the past in the heart and mind, adapted to fit the modern age without costing you a fortune.

Bon Voyage!