Librarian Girl I Our 2016-2017 Fall & Winter inspiration

“Tell me something I can hold on to forever and never let go..” 
-Adalin Bowman       

In a world full of books where culture, heritage and history is preserved what would you wear? That was a very good question we had to find an answer for. 

How would we dress a real and reel librarian who is sassy and classy, funny and smart as hell? A working woman who would not downplay her professional skills, her intelligence or love of timeless yet old-fashioned pretty dresses? A woman that would blend sophisticated silhouettes and showing off her gorgeous curves by showing just enough? To embark this great task, we pulled out our favorite movies and watched Age of Adaline, Funny Face and Desk set for countless hours until inspiration hit us right in the face.  

The Librarian Girl collection is a wonderful blend of tailored, sophisticated and pleated pieces. Where puffy sleeves, slimming and curvy silhouettes, romantic necklines, practical and functional pieces are highlighted. 
Gorgeous designs crafted in warm bold autumn colors that makes us long for a cup of tea in front of a fireplace, while reading a book after a long day of work. 

The Librarian Girl collection evolved from stereotypical Hollywood librarians into something that modern women can wear at all times. Essential items that don’t go out of fashion and help build a basic timeless classy wardrobe.