Lillibeth Spring-Summer 23

We at Miss Candyfloss are proud to present our Spring-Summer 2023 

collection “Lilibeth”, inspired by the impeccable style of the late 

Queen Elizabeth II, the UK’s longest-serving monarch. 

This, as a tribute to the remarkable woman that not only will be known in history for serving the Commonwealth and the United Kingdom with grace, dignity, and passion: 

But for her feminine style and understanding of fashion as a powerful way of communication. 

We respectfully named this collection “Lilibeth”, as Her Majesty was called since she was a toddler by her closest family members, as a homage to the royal icon. She couldn’t pronounce Elizabeth then and the sweet nickname endured a 


Queen Elizabeth II was never afraid to stand out in a crowd by wearing bright colors- But dressed to be seen, to be easily spotted by people traveling far lengths, just to see a glimpse of her. 

 “Lilibeth” Is inspired by her style and the attire she wore between the years the 1940s-1950s, infused with the Miss Candyfloss essence.

This season, a variety of dresses in gorgeous breathable fabrics will be available for you to enjoy the SS in a regal fashion.

 Versatile jackets, that you can mix and match with other garments. 

Skirts, both swing and wiggle in different prints linen pants for you to create endless looks, in light fabrics -ideal for those hot summer days. 

Our signature Miss Candyfloss water-repellent raincoats in flattering cuts and

 different colors are a joy to wear on those rainy, windy days.  Fabulous gowns to flaunt at that special event, as a bridesmaid, a wedding guest, and even as a bride.


As Queen Elizabeth wore over 5,000 different hats to match her different outfits during her 70 years on the throne, it was a necessity to present our looks, inspired by her regal style accompanied by colorful, elegant hats to go with! 

Our friends at Miranda’s Choice and Mein Wunderbarer Hutsalon crafted exactly what we needed. 

From small fascinators to big, wonderful hats, they created breathtaking pieces to match our Spring Summer collection with great beauty.

The gorgeous, heeled sandals are from our design collaboration with 

Lola Ramona! 

They are 100% vegan and will be available for purchase on our website! 

The comfortable heels are designed to match our SS looks…

Enjoy our lookbook