Pour Toi -- Our Spring- Summer 2020 collection inspiration

Your dresses should be tight enough to show you´re a woman and lose enough to show you´re a lady” 
-Edith Head

Our theme for ss2020 was in many ways inspired by “The Stepford Wives” movie, starring classy ladies like Nicole Kidman, Bette Midler and Glen Close. 

The storyline of submissive women is quite the opposite of how we see Miss Candyfloss, who is a strong and independent.

 However, the clothes in this movie are absolutely to die for.
All these amazing floral prints, swing skirts, figure hugging wiggle dresses and capri pants. 
So many beautifully crafted dresses, perfect for those lovely summer days of tee parties and book clubs. 

With this in mind we designed our wonderful spring-summer collection named Pour toi.

It’s all about pampering yourself in sassy and classy dresses, blouses, skirts and empowering elegant pantsuits. 
Functional everyday wear for today’s amazing women around the globe. 

Perhaps you’re the mom making a cake for your sweet kids? 

Or the high executive business woman in a management meeting?  

Maybe you’re at a café with a friend, enjoying a nice cup of coffee? 

Or why not, you may be relaxing in the sun, by the pool, spoiling yourself with a drink? 

In our spring summer collection you may indulge yourself in beautiful items and feel magnificent on any occasion.