When On Holiday| Spring-Summer 2018 inspiration

Princess Ann: I could do some of the things I’ve always wanted to.
Joe: Like what?
Princess Ann: Oh, you can’t imagine. I-I’d do just whatever I liked all day long.

-Roman Holiday  (1953)

Holiday, vacation, time off, furlough, call it what you want but oh boy do we love it and crave it. How lovely is it to have no 
obligations, no expectations just you and your desires or perhaps your bucket list? Spring and summer for us is all about the holiday.

Envision relaxed days when you have time to enjoy your morning coffee at the hotel, on a balcony overlooking the city. The buzz, the traffic or maybe it’s just a quite beach. You are ready to start your day, but oh my goodness all these dresses. What to wear? You opt for the comfy yellow swing dress because the sun is out, and you love the vibrancy of the yellow dress. A nice sunny reminder that YOU ARE ON VACATION!  

The collection derived from the movie Roman Holiday (1953). While princess Ann (Audrey Hepburn) does not wear tons of different outfits during her small getaway, we asked ourselves the question; What would princess Ann wear if she was on her actual vacation? We placed her in different settings, in different weather, in hotels or maybe an Airbnb where she stays for a longer time and cannot pass on buying flowers at the local flower market. On hot sunny days Ann might wear cotton dresses instead of synthetic materials? Perhaps something with spandex and viscose when she is on a mission to visit the roman theatre? A trip that requires tons of walking and comfy dresses and shoes. Hey, why not rent a bike and go for an extended tour of the city without a map! See where adventure takes her?

With this being said, our new collection When On Holiday is all about finding answers to all the 
vacation questions with a 1950’s twist. Flowers, petals, love, sunshine, warm colors, multi-hue coloring, stripes, paneling, contrasts, polkad-dots, lighter coats (for when the sun is taking a break), structure and pockets were all answers to our vacation questions. In an attempt to create a holiday wardrobe, we ended up with multiple outfits for the various type of women. Those who enjoy vacationing on a beach, ladies who would rather get pampered by staying at a hotel or perhaps women who want to feel the freedom by renting a vacation home. Whatever you desire; we got you covered. 

While we never ended up going to Rome, we still managed to fit all the different scenarios in one
beautiful city. Malaga, oh how amazing you were. We are definitely going back there…on vacation!

Bon voyage ladies! Hope you enjoy the collection.